Tanzania is now one of the top travel destinations of the E.African region. It has some of the largest wildlife herds on the African continent with a very good network of national parks and game reserves besides a magnificent coastline with the exotic Stone Town of Zanzibar Island just offshore.

With the country's striking backdrop topography there is a lot of diversity - snowy Mount Kilimanjaro, barren volcanic ridges in the starkly beautiful Crater Highlands and cool slopes in the Usambara Mountains are some of the attractions.

In flora and fauna, Miombo woodlands, characterized by broadleaf deciduous trees covers a third of the mainland. The upland areas are covered with the tropical rain forest while much of the central plateau is covered with Savannah bushland and thickets. Grasslands cover he Serengeti plains while the coastline is broken by extensive mangrove growth.

Watch the unforgettable sunrise over the Serengeti. Enjoy a generally relaxed and tolerant atmosphere by Tanzanians themselves, who invariably meet visitors with an appealing combination of friendliness, reserve and dignity.