Our Founder

Emmanuel was born in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters) in the village of Marangu-Moshi, Tanzania (a popular route up to Kilimanjaro). At an early age Emmanuel helped earn his way through school by guiding tourists up the famous mountain.

He graduated High Level Secondary School in 1994 whereupon he became a member of an accredited Kilimanjaro guide team. In 1996 he was selected by the University of Dar Es Salaam for a three-year Bachelor of Commerce degree while continuing with development of his Kilimanjaro guide experience through his college graduation in 1999.

After graduation Emmanuel gained more experience by working for tourists companies located in Arusha Tanzania. He worked as a Manager/Mountain Guide until 2000, when he formed African Walking Safaris & Tours Ltd.

The mission of African Walking Safaris & Tours at the outset was to become the leading outfitter of mid-range guide companies offering quality services at the most competitive prices possible.

Emmanuel M. Minja’s unique combination of years of experience as a guide and an earnest love for Tanzania’s unique Ecologies coupled with his formal business training to underpin his Company mission.
Today, his Company is positioned to offer the most rewarding Tanzanian adventure experiences at the most competitive rates possible. He has produced economies benefiting tourists by eliminating middlemen. Doing so has allowed Emmanuel to concentrate on providing safe, dependable and unforgettable tour experiences! It is these pillars sophisticated tour management with unforgettable quality experiences for his guests that the Company reputation is being built.

African Walking Safaris & Tours Ltd, is registered and regulated by the Tanzanian government, who also encourage companies to engage in the continuing protection of Tanzania’s natural wonders and unique wildlife.