Terms and Condition


With the inception of our company we strive to have competent staff with the sole intention of providing the best service possible resulting in a memorable experience for our clients. This is our mission statement and we stand by it with our reputation to ensure safer adventures, quality, deliver what we promised as we believe our clients are the greatest asset for the growth our company.


As the operator, you buy directly from broker, rather than a middleman or us who marks up their tours. Booking, pre-departure instructions, a packing list, health requirements, itineraries, and Terms and Conditions are clearly specified. Prices listed include all major expenses such as meals, accommodations, and park fees.

Virtually the only things that you will pay for while on tour are gifts and personal expenses Reservations made with African walking Safaris & Tours are subject to these terms and conditions.


In this agreement unless inconsistent with the text,


refers to African Walking Safaris & Tours (trading as African Walking Safaris & Tours).


in respect of any reservation referred to in this agreement shall mean the date on which the first travel or touring activity in terms of such reservation is due to commence


shall have the meaning generally attributed to it within the travel and tourism industry being bookings made on behalf of Free Independent Travelers who do not form part of a travel group or to a Group of Travelers;


A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking with the rest of balance payable prior to COMMENCEMENT DATE of Adventures trip. Failure to secure the payment will cause the cancellation of the RESERVATION.


4.1: Notification of the cancellation of a RESERVATION should be received in writing (by post or email) and is subject to the following charges: - 6 weeks prior to departure: all payments that were made to the lodges; - 6-2 weeks prior to departure: 75% of total cost; - less than 1 week prior to departure: full amount paid. NB: Charges will be calculated from the date we receive your notification of cancellation.


It must be clearly understood that these are adventure safaris, climbs and there are certain dangers and risks, which are inevitable. Whilst every care is taken for the safety and comfort of our clients, the Company accepts no liability for all or any of the following:

5.1: Damage to or loss of any client, howsoever caused;

5.2: Sickness, infection, injury or death of any of our client howsoever caused;

5.3: Change of itinerary due to road or weather conditions;

5.4: Damages directly or indirectly arising our of delay in departures or arrivals, including delays occasioning the missing of road, rail, ship or airline connections;

5.5: Damage or loss to clients luggage.

5.6: Since the Company and its agents act as Agents of Travelers in all matters in Tourist Industry together with passenger carriers, the liability of the Company to its passengers is under the laws of the Country and therefore any claim will depend on the jurisdiction of the court of law.


6.1: If any accommodation, excursion or other service which has been booked is not available for any reason whatsoever, African walking Safaris & Tours shall be entitled to make similar alternative arrangements at the same price as that which is not available and no claim shall arise against African walking safaris & Tours as a result of such unavailability;

6.2: Transportation used on scheduled and day tours will be determined based upon the number of passengers on tour, and African Walking Safaris & Tours reserve the right to use either smaller or larger vehicles at their discretion.

6.3: Airlines and some vehicle operators limit the weight of the luggage which can be carried by any passenger and that no claim shall arise against African walking Safaris & Tours in the event of any passenger not being allowed to carry any luggage or being required to effect payment for any such excess luggage.

6.4: The obligation to obtain a current and valid passport, all necessary visas and vaccinations is that of the passenger and African Walking Safaris & Tours shall not be liable for any loss which any client may suffer as a result of the client failing to properly fulfill such obligation and any costs which are incurred by African Walking Safaris & Tours in assisting (which it shall not be obliged to do) such client in obtaining any such passport, visa or vaccination shall be recoverable from the client, in advance;

6.5: Any arrangements, whether for air travel, accommodation or otherwise which are made by African Walking safaris & Tours on behalf of any client may be made subject to the standard terms and conditions of the service provider which will be applicable to and shall bind the client, and African Walking safaris & Tours, as agent on behalf of its principal, will not be liable for any loss or damages which clients may not be able to recover from the service provider by virtue of the applicability of such terms and conditions;

6.6: African Walking safaris & Tours will not be obliged to refund any amount paid for any reservation which may have been made for any passenger but which is unused;

6.7: The client shall be liable to pay, in advance, the costs of any reservations which are not included in the original itinerary.

6.8: African Walking safaris & Tours reserve the right to subcontract all or part of a service or to change should condition necessitate.


- Visa to Tanzania can be obtained on arrival at any entry points or at the Embassy in your country; - Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required to enter Tanzania; - Ensure that you take out adequate insurance, including medical insurance, to cover any loss or damages.